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    • Upload an item - add 1-10 clear photos with a clear title and an accurate description. Set your price and shipping courier/cost. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re done and your item is available to an audience of motorcyclists!

    • Make sure your photos are clear and accurate - ensuring to show any particular features or defects. The more photos the better - buyers like to see exactly what they are getting. Use your own photos to ensure they show the current condition of the item.

      A thorough description of your item is more appealing to buyers. Be sure to be honest and accurate in your description - don’t omit important details as this will help buyers decide if it is the right item for them.

      Make sure you are clear in describing the condition and any defects on the item and show them in the photos. This will help you avoid the buyer being disappointed with the item and returning it.

    • The price you set should be based on a few different things - the original selling price, the brand or make and the condition of the item. To get an idea, try searching for similar items to yours for sale. You can set any price and you can change the selling price at any time by editing your listing.

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